Frankfurt Wrap Up

Another motorshow, more loans and more YouTubers buying cars that they may not be able to afford. That was the just of this years Frankfurt motorshow it seemed, with big money unveilings from many different manufacturers.

So with many nations bringing out legislation signalling what seems like the end for internal combustion, like Britain’s pledge to have a fully electric cars everywhere by after 2040. You would have expected there to be swaths of new era electric concepts, but there wasn’t (thank god) – it was quite the opposite.

Mercedes brought a hybrid however; the brand spanking new hyper super-dooper car named ‘Project One’ was arguably the star of the show. Utilising a variation of the engine powering Lewis Hamilton’s W08 F1 car, the Project One’s 1.6 litre V6 revs out to 10,000 RPM. Yes, 10,000 RPM, resulting in a 1000 BHP total output figure.

At launch, Hamilton himself rolled out the car onto the stage for all the press to gaze at. He then made a quip to the CEO of Mercedes stating how he hopes to have the first one, which returned a look resembling, ‘you cheeky bastard – we pay you enough already – buy one yourself’.

BMW also provided a look to the future with it’s X7 SUV concept, which they claim will topple the Chelsea tractor of choice, the Range Rover. But with looks only a mother could love, I’m not so sure. Honestly just look at it. Not sure what BMW’s styling department is up to these days but jesus – someone sort it out! Thankfully they made up for this error when they pulled the covers of the new G30 M5; 600bhp, four wheel drive with a clever diff that allows for sideways action when you fancy it, and 0-60 in 3.4 seconds. Bonkers.

Approaching from a slightly more affordable angle, Frankfurt saw the arrivals of new funky hot hatches, looking to take down Honda’s Civic Type R and VW’s Golf GTI. Renault introduced a new Megane RS, almost 7 years after their last, while Hyundai released the i30N. Both have 4 cylinder turbo charged engines with just under 300bhp, and both sprint to 60 in around 6 seconds. Hyundai weren’t the only company looking to re-invent itself.

After a long absence TVR – responsible for cars that always spontaneously combusted – are back! The new Griffith sports car looks different, has 400 British horsepower and you can get in Strawberry Jam Red (not the actual colour name). Internally the cars cabin looks as organised as TVR’s of old, so not very organised at all, with a few digital displays and bright buttons. Will this car bring TVR back to the fore front of the automotive world – only time will tell.

For those who prefer a more no frills driving experience, cost effective brand Dacia unveiled an updated Duster, which one can only hope is as affordable as the last variant starting from under 10k. The base model, or business spec, adds exterior features like plastic bumpers and steel wheels, giving the Duster real rustic charm that I quite like. Sort of like an old reliable dog. Lovely.

In terms of those electric cars mentioned at the start; someone in Oxford put some batteries into a Mini, but yeah no one cares really do they.

Ferrari have finally dispatched the California, and replaced it with a new convertible model entitled the ‘Portofino’. Named after a small Italian town which people say is very nice, Ferrari say it has 600bhp from the Twin Turbo V8 with other revisions to the structure so it is more nimble in the bends. Not too nimble I hope, as the steering rack in the old car was already pretty schizophrenic – coughing at the wheel could send you across a field and into a tree quicker than you could say Ferrari. Styling wise I hope it’s a grower, but when seen on the road it should look fab.

For info on the show click here

Hope you enjoyed this summary!

Callum Poole



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